Friday Night Pitches!


Friday Night Pitches!

What a wonderful start to the first Biloxi Startup Weekend!

Thanks to all the brave souls that pitched at Startup Weekend Biloxi!

Here are the 15 pithces:

1. Evac 2 Go-  a mobile app and text notification system for governments and businesses to notify people of  evacuations.

2. Luxury Designer Silverware – Customized fine silverware.

3, Giglines – A database of military uniforms manuals. Members of the military can input their specific uniform for diagrams that represent accurate placement of badges, ribbons, etc.

4. Think Dusk – Automated itinerary based on GPS location. Suggests an itinerary based on preferences, like kid-friendly, outdoor activites,  Italian restaurants, etc.

5. 100Dollar Hire- Website for crowd-sourcing/staffing of businesses for $100 flat rate.

6. Real Estate Deal Finder- find foreclosures and discounted homes fast and easy.

7. –

8.  Mario Latorre Luxury bags & accessories- Nanotechnology-laced leather to make them water resistant

9. Presentation smart bag- All-in-one bag for laptop, projector, flyers and other items needed for presentations.

10. Humble Beam-

11. Pencils & Toothbrushes- People in the US purchase pencils and toothbrushes and get one free to donate to kids in Vietnam.

12. Re-Callerator

13.Spanish/English Translation- Translation services for businesses and events coordinators.

14. Lawn Rumba- Robotic lawn mower

15. Art Outlet- Artisans and upload digital copies of art to sell several copies of their work.


6 of these ideas were picked:

1. Lawn Rumba

2. Evac2go

3.Think Dusk

5.Organic Hair products (wasn’t pitched)

6. Mario Latorre